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  ISO 20000

Other ITSM Related newsletters in the pipeline include ISO 20000 News and The Certification Newsletter.

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    The acronym ITSM stands for Information Technology Service Management. It is essentially what it says: a myriad of approaches for managing IT services.
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About The ITIL Newsletter

The ITIL newsletter is a quarterly publication (approximately) dedicated to the OGC's Information Technology  Infrastructure Library.  It is intended to bring information, background and news with respect to this framework to our many thousands of subscribers. 

The newsletter has a number of minor variants: versions with a slightly different perspective, intended to match the particular interests of the individual subscriber. Importantly, subscription is entirely free of charge, as the newsletter is funded entirely from voluntary contributions or any adverts we may accept in to this site. 

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ITIL Newsletter: Issue 2 Released

Issue 2 of the newsletter has now been released. It includes the following articles:

ITIL Newsletter - Issue 1

Issue 1 of the ITIL Newsletter has now been published. Included in this edition are the following articles (click to view):